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Most Marrakech riad share the same problems due to old infrastructure. Since they are all located in the old Medina which has old water pipes lots of Marrakesh riads have poor water pressure (except those who use pressure regulators). Apart from that another issue common to marrakesh riad is accessibility; most roads a too small to allow cars.

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Marrakech Riad Kniza, Welcome to the world of Marrakech Riad  authenticity, warmth, serenity and beauty in Marrakech Riads
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Time Out   Time Out :
“It’s the most Moroccan of upmarket riads”
Wall Street Journal   Wall Street Journal: 
“Riad Kniza is run by a friendly and helpful Moroccan family”

“… The delightful owner, Mohamed Bouskri, having been a guide for the rich and famous for 34 years (Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, former US presidents and others) is a mine of information …”

Times on Line
“My favourite is Riad Kniza, owned and run by Moroccans …”
Times on Line
“… the family riad of Mohammed Bouskri, doyen of local tour guides. He has filled it with Moroccan treasures and created an elegant, peaceful home.”

20 Best Places to Stay in Marrakech: “The Riad Kniza is that rare find - a riad owned and run by Moroccans…”
Frommer's   Frommer's:
“This 18th-century riad has been in the family for almost 200 years and offers the complete package of traditional architecture, authentic furnishings, and, above all, overwhelmingly hospitable service…”

HG2   The Hedonist’s Guide to Marrakech:
“… the decor and ambience are 100% Moroccan, complete with gorgeous fireplaces, traditional furniture and museum-quality antiques …”

American Way   American Way:
“The eighteenth-century building that houses Riad Kniza has been in the same family for 250 years; a team of artisans spent three years turning it into a jewelbox of Moorish design…”
“I've stayed at the Riad Kniza just inside the Bab Doukalla gate, which has beautiful rooms and a rooftop view to die for.”

Cote Sud   Coté Sud(Hors Série Evasion 2):
« … Une terrasse à la vue imprenable et une table au saveurs exceptionnelles, sans doute la meilleure de Marrakech … »   

Couleurs Marrakech   Couleurs Marrakech:
Au Riad Kniza, point d’état d’âme : on s’y sent bien et l’on regrette la maxime selon laquelle « Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin ». Ici, l’appellation « maison d’hôtes » ne se résume pas à une banale figure de style.

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