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Riad :

Riad Kniza is one of the best riad in Marrakech. In our riad we provide excellent service similar to the ones you would find in Marrakech luxury hotels. Riad Kniza is also very well located in Bab Doukkala next to a taxi station and a pharmacy.

Ryad :

The term Ryad can also be spelled riad. Even if Ryad is a less common spelling than riad, Ryad is the original spelling. Ryad is an Arabic world that means paradise, but in Morocco, Ryad simply means a traditional Moroccan house with an open courtyard in the middle. Many Ryads now are opened as guests houses in Marrakech.

Luxury Hotels Morocco :

Morocco has chosen a tourism strategy based on luxury travel and has started developing luxury hotels morocco and resorts as well as restoring the airports and other important infrastructure. luxury hotels morocco along the coast is also a priority as well as luxury hotels morocco in the Imperial Cities of Marrakech, Fez, Meknes and Rabat. The cities which now has more luxury hotels morocco is Marrakech but Tangiers will also be getting its fair share of luxury hotels morocco.

Riad Spa Marrakech :

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riad in marrakech
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