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Marrakech Riad Kniza, Welcome to the world of Marrakech Riad  authenticity, warmth, serenity and beauty in Marrakech Riads
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Marrakech Riad

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About Riad Kniza

Dating from the 18th century, Riad Kniza is a small, luxury "Hotel de Charme" in the heart of the old Médina of Marrakech, completely restored by Haj Mohamed Bouskri using traditional materials and artisans to recreate an authentic Moroccan experience as in days gone by.

  Haj Mohamed, aside from being one of the most renowned antique dealers in Marrakech, has been a professional guide for the past 34 years and has shown the best of Marrakech to many VIPs and celebrities including former US Presidents and international movie stars including Brad Pit, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston.

  He will be delighted to share his profound knowledge of Marrakech and the Kingdom of Morocco, giving you inside information that will ensure you get the very best out of your visit.

  Teams of Morocco's most highly skilled craftsmen have honoured their masters in creating this gem of Moorish architecture. Riad Kniza, with its eleven tastefully decorated rooms and suites, is an excellent point of departure from which to explore the city. It is conveniently located within only few minutes' walk from the famous Jema l' Fna square, the wonderful souks and the most important monuments and cultural treasures of this imperial city, and a short distance from the Gueliz, the modern quarter of Marrakech.

  Our attentive yet discreet, English-speaking staff spare no effort to make our guests feel at home and ensure that their stay with us is unforgettable. A true Moroccan experience would not be complete without the country's exquisite cuisine; at Riad Kniza guests will enjoy Moroccan gastronomy at its best.

Riad Kniza offers 11 rooms and suites built around three courtyards open to the sky:

Marrakech Riad  1 Royal Suite
Riad kniza Marrakech  4 Senior Suites
Riad Marrakesh  2 Junior Suites
Riad Marrakesh  2 Superior Deluxe Rooms
Morocco riad  2 Deluxe Rooms
Marrakech Riad  A Swimming pool
Marrakech Riad  Spa with sauna, massage room and Hammam
luxury hotel Marrakech  4 Salons with traditional Moroccan furnishings, three of them with magnificent fire places
luxury riad Marrakech  3 Open air courtyards
Riad Marrakech  A Spacious Terrace-Solarium with sitting areas and sun beds
Marrakech Riad
luxury hotel Marrakech
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